A First Look At Blue Bird Birds

Blue Bird Bids, in the beginning, was intended to become the world’s number 1 penny auction site. Proudly telling the world of its motto “Bringing the best of the world to people of the world”, the auction site zeroes in on making available the best items for users. Aiming for number one since its first day, it is no wonder that after just several months of exciting auctions, Blue Bird Bids has gained popularity and is continuously climbing up the ladder of fame.

Ultimately, the birth of Blue Bird Bids International, Incorporated was inevitable. The company is not just contented in becoming a household name anymore but also the global leader in e-commerce. Constantly expanding, Blue Bird Bids seems to be a force to reckon with for many more years.

Paul Redmayne: A Tested Leader at the Forefront

Paul Redmayne is at the very helm of the company. Simply called Paul by everyone, he is an accomplished entrepreneurial executive, born leader and with a portfolio of more than 25 years as a manager, 15 years of which have been spent on the management of sales, operations, marketing and business development. It is no wonder that Blue Bird Bids continues to soar at the marketplace.

Blue Bird Bids

Paul Redmayne Blue Bird Bids

Before accepting this role as president of Blue Bird Bids, Paul worked with various Fortune 100 and 500 firms. He was most successful in opening doors of opportunities for fast-tracked growth and corporate worth. He has a rock solid understanding of the demographic and cultural differences as well as the best modern-day business practices. He is also keen on implementing web initiatives, new technology, CRM deployment, finance procedures, order entry, warehouse and distribution processes.

Latest in Gadgets and Other Remarkable Pieces

One would often wonder how Blue Bird Bids actually works. Just picture yourself trying to get the best price for an iPhone 5. Just like any auction site, the user has the opportunity to bid on his desired products. What’s unique about Blue Bird Bids is that each bid drives the price to only a penny; and with a maximum price promise, purchased products cost no more than the warehouse cost. This auto-freeze feature on pricing is what makes this site truly marvelous. Retail customers also have the chance to refer new users and get free bids.

If you are looking for quality yet affordable products, this is one great and exciting way to win them. After all, this is bidding like it has never been before.


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